Makoa’s Very First Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

We have the enormous pleasure to announce our friend SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE’s very first Birthday today! One year of sheer joy and happyness!

Dear lille svensken and great friend Makoa, now for one year we know you and we are so endlessly happy you found your way from Sweden to Switzerland. You are our sunshine, bring us laughter, draw a smile on our faces and lift our spirits. You are LOVE, our friend 💖

You conquered our hearts from the very first moment we saw you. You make having a crush on you so very easy – cos your fun ways and your social attitude are absolutely unique. We are madly in love with you – and we are thankful for every split of a second you are with us.

Our biggest gratitude goes to Makoa‘s breeder Pernilla Hallström as well as Sari and Benke Vuorenmaa, who gave him the very best start to his life! You guys have become such important friends for us 😘😘😘☀️👍🏻

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