*** RRCS Clubshow Specialty Fehraltorf, 12.09.2021 ***

Yet again we were guests on the horse race track in Fehraltorf. The organizing team around fabulous Katharina Cafourek and Jürg Fluri have made everything possible to ensure a superb event for us and our dogs.

We had so much fun seeing our master chief C.I.B/INTCh. MVBIS BISS MVCh. MCh. UMLANI BHEKABANTU BADRANI BAHA in the ring again. At 11.5 years he felt and acted like a youngster and did no less than becoming BEST-VETERAN-IN-SHOW.

In the puppy ring it was our lovely and truly talented girl AVE CAESAR SUPER TROUPER LOVA STAR, who showed her quality becoming BEST-PUPPY-IN-SHOW.

C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE and his son CRUFTS class winner and JCh. SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE did everything to please the eye of judge Sandra Piscedda, but with Exc. 2 and Exc. 3 in their classes she didn’t see them top of the pops. 😉 Nevertheless big congrats to the winners and especially BADRANI’s son Umlani Fani Kipanga, who became BEST-MALE and BOS.

With lots of joy we saw dear friends Vera Heini and Antje Achtzehn presenting our Georges offspring with great success: The King of Savannah Real Kalani by George became BEST-JUNIOR-IN-SHOW and The King of Savannah Rubina Bamira by George finished in Juniors on a fabulous second place Exc. 2.

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