*** World Dog Show Madrid 25.06.2022 *** 

So here comes the final update from our tour through Portugal and Spain – and indeed it is a GRANDE FINALE! 🎉 Our boys Ch. JCh. MBOB SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE (Champions), C.I.B./INTCh. VWW BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE (Veterans) and JWW JBIS JBISS MJCh. MBOB AVE CAESAR SUPER TROUPER LOVA STAR (Juniors) took part in the long awaited World Dog Show 2020. 

After such a long time of postponing the event, to finally have judge Perttu Stahlberg from Finland see our boys and Siret Lepasaar from Estonia judging LOVA felt like some historic moment to us. And we REALLY wanted to give our best on this special occasion 😉🍀

MAKOA really enjoyed himself again and got an Exc. in Champions, shown by the fabulous Dariia Chorna Da Silva. Our lille svensken looked just stunning and made us really proud! 😍😍😍

Then it was up to GEORGE to show his amazing quality – and we are absolutely thrilled to report: GEORGE has become VETERAN WORLD WINNER – and as we were to catch our breath again, the big stagelight was upon our crazy banana LOVA… 

We guess it was always LOVAs plan to shine in that Junior ring – and so it happens, that this absolutely HOT girl turns herself into a brand new JUNIOR WORLD WINNER and JUNIOR BEST-OF-BREED! 🔥 🌟🎉💖😘💪🏼💛

In the Main Ring LOVA continued to perform absolutely extraordinary and got a BIG3 in Juniors of Group 6 today, judged by expert judge Barbara Müller ☀️🎉🎉🎉

Many thanks again to the people of Arion Pet Food España for providing us with quality pictures as well as to the team of DOG SHOWS who did a most professional job covering everything from the Main Ring. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Unquestionably the greatest guy holding a camera at the rings is our dear friend Simone Luca, who once again did magic at the Ring Of Honour. Many thanks for being there and catching those moments from positions I only dream of being 😉 We will show you his great work a little later on. 

We would like to express our deepest and most heartfelt thankfulness to the breeders of our great dogs: Claudia Körner from NDOKI Kennel, Pernilla Hallström from SABAKU INUS Kennel and Elena and Willy Johansson from AVE CAESAR Kennel. It is thanks to their passion, their dedication and their highest level of quality standards, that we as owners and show people can make our dogs shine like bright stars in the sky 🌟🌟🌟

Yet so many valuable people contribute to such projects and knowing that we cannot mention all, we would like to pick our great coach and trainer Saori Wohlin as well as our wonderful friend Dariia Chorna Da Silva – our dogs are madly in love with you and without you, all this would not happen the way it happened 💛💖💛💖

We congratulate all winners from all around the world to their successes over these three days. A special big hug goes to Chloé Bouyges and her team: you were amazing! 😘 We enjoyed seeing good sportsmanship and a big celebration of the love to our dogs and our wonderful breed. 🎉💖🎉

Now to finish this report from WDS we would like to mention our most precious member of the pack C.I.B/INTCh. MVBIS BISS MVCh. MCh. UMLANI BHEKABANTU BADRANI BAHA, who stayed back in Switzerland with our kids, keeping everything under control at home. Had we known, that the temperatures were so mild, we would in any case have taken him with us. Sure we missed him as much as he missed us 💖

More pictures from our camera will follow, once we‘re home again.

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