Good Bye T5 😢

Nach 450’000 km (!) geht unser VW T5 Multivan (Jhg. 2009) Ende Februar in Rente. Aus diesem Grund verkaufen wir den für uns perfekten Einbau von (Thomas Witte) an den Schnellstbietenden.

Der Einbau hat die Masse 160 cm in der Breite, 122.5 cm in der Länge und die Standhöhe ist 100 cm.

Die Hunde fahren erhöht auf einem Tisch und geniessen so auch im Liegen den Ausblick auf die Landschaft. Dieser Tisch ermöglich praktisches Transportieren von Koffern, Taschen, Hundezeug 😉 auf der vollen Ladefläche.

Die zwei separaten Eingangstüren sind unterteilt, so dass einfach auch auf den unteren Ladebereich Zugriff gewährleistet ist, ohne dass die ganze Türe geöffnet werden muss.

Nach vorne haben beide Abteile einen Notausstieg hin zur Fahrerkabine.

Die beiden Abteile sind zusätzlich durch eine Türe verbunden.

Für den Einbau braucht es keine Bohrungen. Er erfolgt in die bestehenden Aufnahmen des Fahrzeugs.

Bei ernsthaftem Interesse bitte um PN. Teilen ist selbstverständlich erwünscht.

Preis € 1000.–, der Einbau muss bei uns vor Ort (CH-5057 Reitnau, Schweiz) demontiert werden.

Forever thankful 💝💝💝

We are feeling very privileged and blessed to be in company of the three most loving, most loyal, most protective and most admirable friends. 🥰🥰🥰🍀

From left to right it’s

Many, many thanks to their fabulous breeders Stefani Westphal Vonesch, Pernilla Hallström/Sari Vuorenmaa and Claudia Körner for the trust in us and thus giving us the chance to live with these three hearts of gold. 💝💝💝

Surprising letter from England! 🎉🇬🇧

Following his achievements at the LKA LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION GENERAL CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW BIRMINGHAM our wonderful boy C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE was awarded the honour of being part of The Kennel Club UKs Stud Book! So George has received his own Stud Book Number (4020DF) and his name will be published in the „big red“ Year Book of the Kennel Club. His name and the wins are recorded to be kept in the Kennel Club library.

Today is a special day and we would like to dedicate Georges Kennel Club record to his one in a million mum, NDOKI ETARA KIRUNA, who would have been celebrating her birthday today. Kirilupsi, you are always in our hearts and our thankfulness for giving us our beloved George is endless.❤️

Winter Greetings ❄️❄️❄️

Eventhough where we live the landscape looks a lot more spring-like than winter wonderland, we have spent a wonderful week to start the year in Alto Adige. There we have found plenty of snow to take some pictures of our three boyz.
C.I.B/INTCh. MVBIS BISS MVCh. MCh. UMLANI BHEKABANTU BADRANI BAHA, his buddy C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE and his great son, lille svensken SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE (now 7 months) wish you all a fantastic weekend! ❄️☀️🎉


It‘s not a secret, that we simply love trips to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. So the plan to visit the second largest British dog show in the NEC premises in Birmingham was easily set. Besides having a great time traveling and meeting lovely friends, the goal was to get our fabulous SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE his qualification for CRUFTS 2020. With honorable judge John Walton Haddon being in charge of the ring, MAKOA made things look easy 😍💖🎉Our lille svensken WINS MINOR PUPPY CLASS and gets his first CRUFTS qualification in style.  🎉😍💖🍀

His already livelong qualified daddy C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE made everything right and became SECOND in the well equipped OPEN class of 16 entries. 😍💖👍🏻🎉

In the more senior class of the VETERANS, C.I.B/INTCh. MVBIS BISS MVCh. MCh. UMLANI BHEKABANTU BADRANI BAHA had a word or two to say and got FIRST – his premier win on English carpet! 🎉🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖💖.

Talking about carpet: the blue LKA carpet was in no way inferior to the famous green one at CRUFTS 👍🏻The size of the beautiful ring was just a joy to run in, the atmosphere was always calm and relaxed. Showing here is just great! 👍🏻

Many thanks to Peter Sodemann and Samira Karavidic, who were such great company. Also many thanks to Dorothy Grayson Wood, who helped us finding the right website to enter the show, then to Gill Lawless for explaining the British rules and procedures and thanks to Helen Mansfield for holding Badrani at the perfect moment, when I had not enough hands myself 😉👍🏻

So we have all three of our boyz qualified for CRUFTS now, which is what we were aiming for. And thanks to Jo Chesshire there‘s yet another reason to look forward to March next year 😉#noDiet #5aDay #RockyRoadRocks 😂👍🏻💖

X-mas ahead!

We wish all our lovely friends around the world a wonderful X-mas time. Enjoy the last weeks of the old year and look forward to a fantastic 2020 to come!

Our boyz George and Badrani with their most lovely girlfriend Gilé positioned in the centre (of attraction 😉)

*** CACIB GENÈVE 17.11.2019 ***

For this Sunday’s trip to Geneva we were in company of only our youngest member of the pack: SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE had his first outing being presented to the honorable judge and breed specialist Mrs. Orit Nevo from Israel in Minor Puppy class. And we were there to proof how GLORIOUS he in fact is. 😉

Winning his first ever entered class and becoming BEST MINOR PUPPY was a beautiful step into his very promising show career. But not enough… 🍀🎉💖

Given the chance to run in the Ring Of Honour lille svensken MAKOA decided to like the fuzz of lights, music and dozens of other puppies running around 🎉🎉🎉 Judge Carla Molinari from Portugal must have had as much joy to see him and so MAKOA finished his first show on BEST-IN-SHOW MINOR PUPPY 3. 💖💖💖💖💖🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

The second part of our weekend story makes us also more than happy: for MAKOAs daddy C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE it was not only for the sake of his son a fantastic day. GEORGEs beautiful daughter SAVUTI CHITONGA YARA BY GEORGE owned by her breeder and our dear friend Eva Lachat also had her first show today being entered in Puppy class. Petra was proudly handling „our“ daughter to win the class and to become BEST PUPPY. 🎉🍀 In the Ring Of Honour YARA caught the eye of judge Antoanetta Penkova and was awarded BEST-IN-SHOW PUPPY! 🎉🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖💖

So having both our MAKOA and his half-sister YARA on the podium in the Main Arena was an extraordinary experience and we are super proud of them and of course of their fantastic daddy GEORGE. 😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Via the streaming link MAKOA enters the Main Arena in minute 28:15 and YARA enters at minute 37:15! 😉



Family-Time! 💖💖💖

We have the biggest joy to see how well our pack gets along with each other. Little Rocket Man SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE, his fabulous dad C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE and the main man C.I.B/INTCh. MVBIS BISS MVCh. MCh. UMLANI BHEKABANTU BADRANI BAHA posing for the most talented photographer Sabine Stuewer.
Please all of you have a wonderful Sunday – and enjoy the weekend with your dogs!