*** DZRR Specialty Neuenburg, 19. & 20.06.21 ***

It felt just so nice to be back to do something we really love to do: showing our dogs and having a good time with them 🎉☀️👍🏻🍀

With the Austrian power pack of judges Angela Dohnal and Elisabeth Hammerschmid, we had the pleasure of introducing lilla svenska AVE CAESAR SUPER TROUPER LOVA STAR to the show ring. LOVA seemingly enjoyed it and won PUPPY class stylishly both days to then become BEST-PUPPY-IN-SHOW twice 💖🍀😍

CRUFTS class winner SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE continued his ring presence by winning Open class Exc. 1 and Exc. 2 the other day, earning him the first CAC for the german champion title. 🎉😍👍🏻🍀💖

His dad C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE did not forget an inch about his extraordinary quality since he was last shown. GEORGE wins Champion class Exc. 1 both days, becomes BEST-MALE twice and gets the honour of being elected BEST-OF-BREED BOB on Saturday and BEST-OF-OPPOSITE-SEX BOS on Sunday 🎉🎉👍🏻💖💖 Besides all, GEORGE also finalizes the «German Champion Club (DZRR)». 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

To make the weekend even more perfect GEORGES lovely daughter BISS SAVUTI CHITONGA YARA was in our company and yes…, she was amazing too 😉 Eva Lachats YARA won Open class Exc. 1, became BEST-ADULT-BITCH and BEST-OF-OPPOSITE-SEX BOS on Saturday aside her dad. And on Sunday she got a great Exc. 2 in Open.

The biggest challenge surely was dealing with the massive heat and to make sure, the dogs were comfortable at any time. Also thanks to the perfect organisation of Gabriele and Matthias Wehmeyer and the great infrastructure of Peter and Nina Hartmanns Nepomuks Kinderwelt this was made possible and we are very thankful for everything 👍🏻💖🍀☀️

Let’s celebrate GEORGE 💖🥳🥰

Our dearest George, today we celebrate your 7th birthday and are incredibly thankful you came into our lifes!

Who could have expected, what fantastic adventures we would experience together, all the places you have brought us, all the people we have met and got to know thanks to you.

You are true beauty from the inside and the outside and we enjoy to have you with us from the bottom of our hearts. We love you, George and promise to spoil you not only today, but every day to come 😘💖😍🌞

Many big hugs to your breeder Claudia Körner, who gave us trust to take care of you and ever since is there every minute every day when we have questions or need help. 😘 A special hug goes to Moscow to your daddies owner Angelina Evmenova who has become such a dear friend and of course many kisses to all your sisters and brothers from the G-litter 💖🥳🥰


Two years of sheer happiness and joy you bring to us, dear friend MAKOA aka SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE! Today we are celebrating your second birthday and we could not be happier to have such an extraordinary partner at our side 🥰🍀🌞

Yes MAKOA, you have grown into a strong and most handsome young man and we are blessed to have you at our side every day. Your kind and friendly way of life is the greatest gift we could receive and we are proud to see you develop to the best you can be.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY also to all his brothers and sisters and an enormous hug to his breeder Pernilla Hallström as well as Sari and Benke Vuorenmaa, whom we owe so much! 💖

Meet Savuti Chitonga Chango By George

Today we’d like to say a word about the great breeder and owner of Savuti Kennel Eva Lachat. Eva is not only a dear friend, a superbe dressage rider and horsewoman, but also a highly competent breeder of outstanding Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Proof of which are among many others her own SAVUTI CHITONGA YARA BY GEORGE and sibling SAVUTI CHITONGA CHANGO BY GEORGE, who we like to introduce to you.

We had the great pleasure to meet CHANGOs loving owner Mary-Ann and Jacques Baudit in Bellelay today and to take some pictures of this young man. He truly is an example of what a breeders success is all about: Eva has carefully selected the right male to match her great dam UMLANI CHOBE AMALI, she has brought up a fully positive, self assured and most handsome puppy and has found his perfect loving family in the person of Mary-Ann and Jacques. Big congratulation on that!

We take a lot of pride in seeing our NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE’s son CHANGO developing so beautifuly and would be super happy, if he would go into breeding himself. Who knows, what the future will bring?

MAKOA passed his breeding exam

We are very proud to announce, that our great friend and CRUFTS class winner SABAKU INUS GLORIOUS MAKOA OF GEORGE today has passed his breeding exam with fabulous marks in both Exterieur (9.5/10) as well as in Mentality/Behaviour (9.3/10).

Many thanks to our unique breed expert Lisbeth Mach for the beautiful words you have found for our boy: „A very classy Ridgeback with super attitude and character, who knows to please.“ 🥰

A great day not only for us, but also for MAKOAs lovely breeder Pernilla Hallström, who will surely open a bottle of great Red tonight with us. A BIIIIG cheers to Sweden!

Happy Birthday, dear friend BADRANI!

Dear friend Badrani, together with your mates George and Makoa we today celebrate a true rocks 11th birthday. Badrani Baha – the bright and shiny Full Moon… It was full moon, when up in Norway your mummy Sharifa had her date with the fabulous Ino, it was full moon, when you where born and it is full moon for your todays birthday.You are a true Ridgeback, our dearest friend, the protector of our family and the wild heart of Africa is definitely pounding in your enormous chest. You are the best, dear Badrani and we know, we’re safe when you are are here. We love you, Shrumbumbele ❤ Unser grösster Dank geht an Stefani Westphal Vonesch und Dany Vonesch mit ihrer wunderbaren Zuchtstätte Umlani Rhodesian Ridgebacks, die uns Badrani anvertraut haben und uns damit unser Leben so bereichert haben.

Puppy Time! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Very soon the 9 sons and daughters of our C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE with C.I.B./INTCh. MASAÏ MARA DES PORTES DE LA MORIA will be leaving Lu Dovic and Yasmina Fasola’s kennel and will move to their new loving parents! 💖🍀🎉 We once again visited the pupps this weekend – and are very, very proud of all this most beautiful girls and most handsome boys! We are in LOOOOOOOOOVE! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

George is daddy in Sweden again! 🇸🇪

It is with lots of pleasure that we can announce the birth of 10 wonderful boys and girls at our dearest friend Pernilla Hallström’s Sabaku Inus kennel in Sweden 🇸🇪. Our C.I.B./INTCh. BIS MBISS MCh. JBIS MJCh. NDOKI GENTLE GEORGE has the great honour of becoming daddy to SABAKU INUS CHITOSE AF NESSA aka «SANSA» litter, born on the very last day of 2020! Of course, now we cannot wait to fly to the wonderful region south of Stockholm to visit the lovely bunch of happiness 💖🎉🍀A big thank you goes out to magic Katja Mateboer Siebers, who once again did a great job in creating this superb announcement!